Change Interface Scale (or just Figma's UI font scale)

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Thank you! As you helped a lot

@Dennis Hey, I dunno whether you still experience that issue, but I do :slight_smile: so I wrote a quick userstyle for myself - it’s on or google figma-ui-font-size-and-family-change Prob will stop working when the CSS gets recompiled (I have no idea how often that happens) but it’s better than nothing I guess. I might look into regular expressions to make it better. (As far as I can see it does not affect the canvas.)

When i set up a frame lets say 1400px width
and then i measure ( cmd + shift + 4 ) on my mac
how much pixel this is :

1050px on 50% zoom scale
2100px on 100% zoom scale

on my apple pro XDR display ( native res ).

this is because i zoom in a bit in browser to have the UI readable ( as its pretty small on a 6k display ) … but i obviously just want to have the UI bigger but not the artboard.

is there some hack / workarround ?

Oof now that I realize this is happening it is so bad. Changing interface scale should NOT change how things render in the canvas.

I was wondering why identical dimension items in browser vs Figma were rendering at different sizes. Now I have to see Figma UI in absurdly large size just to see my canvas at correct size.

Please fix this Figma!

You saved me from buying more powerful glasses! thanks broh

Thaaaaanks! Me estaba volviendo loca!

This has bothered me since day one. Obv it’s also a matter of your screen res too but yes the panels and UI are tiny. The biggest thing I struggle with most regularly is spacing between elements – reading the little white number in the red box is just too difficult.

When I have to manage layers and/or do Auto Layout work I crank up the scaling then reset back to 0 but that is a pain.

For me ideally it would be scaling everything except the canvas/frames and their contents, but include the spacing size.

Its been almost a year since @Josh commented… but no updates yet.

I too find it odd that if I zoom in the interface, the canvas also scales up. An 800px image suddenly is seen as 880px… or a whole frame of your 1920-1080 screen is increased by the percentage chosen.

Can we please ONLY zoom in the interface and NOT the canvas?

Thank you!


I’ve somehow got used to the default sizes but hey I’m still young and have kinda good eyes. Don’t wanna work with that with worse eyesight.

I’ve decided to report this as a bug. Maybe Figma will pick this up sooner.


This should definitely be treated as a bug. In my case I want the interface to be smaller but not what I’m seeing in the canvas, for that I have the zoom.

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I figured out that when you open Figma in the browser, then the browser sets zoom at a level of 75%. So it would help if you changed it to a higher level and the view would improve.

And the view has been improved:

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Somehow, my bug report (#563784) got closed as SOLVED, without any reply… so I reopened it again yesterday (#580680). I hope the Figma team looks at it. The canvas should NOT zoom in or out. Only the UI should zoom!

thank you it worked

Just trying to keep this alive. I really wish I could scale the interface without affecting the size of things on the canvas! :pray:

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@Josh Any official news on that issue?