Font is blurry in Figma

I have been recently moved to figma but fonts are not looking good in here at Figma. I’ve tried multiple fonts but the result is same.

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And font is very sharp in XD or Photoshop, look at the screenshot below


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@Gleb do you have any idea about this?

It’s hard to say what’s wrong without more context. (Btw on your second screenshot the fonts got compressed and are blurry as well.) The closest thing that comes to mind is that you changed Figma interface scale. Design in Figma is larger than what I see on the browser - #2 by Gleb

Thanks for your response @Gleb
Interface scale is default on my screen

this is the latest screenshot with the default interface scale:

Does this happen in all files, even if you create a new one? Does it happen when viewing the prototype? What display do you have and what scaling settings are set for it?

Yes, it is happening on new files too and even on prototypes.
I’m using HP LCD 1920x1080. Settings popup is also blurry. Screenshots are attached.

This is a very important piece of information. In this case there is something wrong with the whole app, not just the display of things in it. I’ve heard about similar issues before but haven’t seen any answers. You may want to contact support and give them all these details.

Thanks man! Appreciate your help :+1:

I have the same problem with fuzzy UI fonts - Windows 7 Chrome.

@Awais_Iqbal, @Timj, tell me, do you have ClearType Text Tuner enabled? And what scale is set in the Windows display settings?

I’ve enabled the ClearType Text Tuner and interface scale settings are set to 100% (Default).
Even I’ve used the DPI settings from Figma right click properties in Compatibility section.

Even I’ve accessed it on different machine.
SAMSUNG LCD 1920x1080 resolution. Enabled ClearType Text on this display too.
but the result is same.

Cleartype is enabled. All other Ui type is clear/sharp. Scaling is smaller = 100%. I have noticed other Electron apps have the same issue with small sized fonts on Windows. Font legibility is poor in Figma app on Windows it is just too small + bad rendering makes it very hard on the eyes.

Text display problems in win10 desktop applications
The text is blurred and will not be clear until it is selected. At present, this phenomenon only happens on rtx2070’s win10 system.



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