Autolayouts broken and only update manually - BUG

Since about 2 weeks autolayouts are randomly broken in various customer projects and only update themselves if they are touched individually with a mouse click…
This is a massive problem when you are talking about design systems on enterprise level with tens of thousands of them! Our developers can’t work with something like that!
Please fix it!

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Thanks for the quick response @tank666
On a quick first look that solved the problem!
Thanks a lot!

I have the same problem. I qot this issue after correction of master components. Some components is ok, but some part have view like that and I can’t fix it. I fix it manually, made “save of versuion history”. But this changes can see only I or some part of team - not all. And If I reboot Figma app or browser tab all changes gone — all manually fixed components a broken again.

I got a response from the Figma team on my ticket which is already investigated - but you should also submit a ticket with detailed infos to find a solution for us quickly.

To add to the report, could you also possibly confirm some details:

  1. Can you let us know the URL of this file shown in your screen recording?
  2. From your file’s file history, could you check approximately when the issue started occurring? It would be helpful if we could check an approximate date as we continue investigating.

I’m finding that the auto-layout bug affects:

  1. Fill size. Upon reloading a file, a few frames using auto-layout will draw incorrect fill sizes. The right panel properties will show the correct values, but the canvas layout will draw the fill at the wrong size (usually overflowing). Changing any property in the auto-layout panel will cause it to draw correctly, until the file is closed. Reopening the file will bring back the bug. This bug has been present since November.

  2. Resizing conflict. In some cases, applying paste properties (i.e. to copy an image fill) to an auto-layout will cause a Resizing property to change from Fixed to Hug. In our case, both the source and the target frames are set to Fixed. Yet, when I paste the properties, Auto-layout changes resizing to Hug. Further, if I disable the target’s auto-layout beforehand, it will paste as expected (Fixed).

Please note, the secret “Regenerate all instances (slow)” command does not fix these bugs, because the bugs can affect any layout, not just instances.

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