Halp! Components Bug out if too many Properties?

Hello Figgy friends.
I have attached a screen shot of a problem I run into a LOT. I have no idea where and how it keeps happening. I believe that it happens when Figma tries to swap instances OR update a main component and the local properties do not transfer over, causing a glitch.

This Search component in the top header is supposed to have perfectly aligned sequential tags in it as you can see in the top search bar example (filled with tags)

My designer updated that component and the component glitched out which you can see in the bottom half of the screen shot (in comp/screen).

  1. I have a suspicion its from too many Boolean or Properties in the main component?
  2. Swapping instances or updating causes a glitch.

Have anyone else run into this? HELP.

Have you tried using the “Regenerate all instances (slow)” command from the Quick Actions panel?

I have not! I knew about resyncing, but never regenerate. I shall look into it!

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