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Support vector animations in "smart animate"

Currently, in Figma, smart animate only works on opacity, color fill, stroke, position, width&height. The options at your disposal when making an interactive prototype are pretty limited.

It would come in handy if Figma can expand the supported animatable properties to include: Radius, Effects (shadow spread), VectorNetwork, Polygon Ratio, Ellipse Sweep, Dash, etc.


That explains why I get funky shadow stuff happening with Smart Animate. They seem to lag behind the animation of the parent object.

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well it’s been a while since Adobe XD released auto animate for strokes, paths, and rotation. I’m a big fan of Figma and I adore its smoothness and super-efficient collaboration features over other UI software. As a senior UI designer, I have had so many UI design cases in which I needed to auto animate paths and strokes in order to deliver a smooth experience to my audience but unfortunately, Figma does not offer such a feature, Please, please, please consider adding this super useful feature in the latest interactive components beta version. Hope you guys at @Figma have already started developing smart animate for strokes, paths, and rotation.

Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:


I don’t think your suggestion is related to interactive components in any way, it’s about smart animate limitations. So I’m moving it to #product-ideas.

By the way, strokes and rotations already work fine in Smart Animate. Only path morphing animations aren’t possible. Example of rotations: Figma - Branding for Bookclub | I LOVE the Smart Animate feature. It's been so helpful to make clean and clear client presentatio...

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Would be great if you could smart animate the sweep and ratio % on ellipses as a much simpler way to create spinners and pie graph animations, instead of the hacky mask method in the playground file. You can already animate all of the other properties so not sure why these would be an exception.

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