(Solved) Boolean property / Hiding frames in component

Very excited about the improvements to Figma!

I’ve dug into the new possibles for components and got the impression that the Boolean property can be used for hiding/showing elements instead of using variants. This would reduce the amount of variants needed for my button component and as such be a welcomed change!

However, I don’t see the Add boolean property option on frames in my component. So far I’ve only found the option on images - is that by design, @Figma_Support?

Edit: Never mind, found the answer in Cannot apply “boolean property” to sub-component: the Boolean option is always in the Layer section, which is placed differently depending on the element type. Couldn’t find it where I looked for it, but it was further down.

I was able to shave a component from 36 variants to 2 as nearly all variants served the purpose of hiding/showing something. Love this improvement!

@Simon_Friis_Hansen have you been using base nested components in the 36 variants you mentioned? Have you run into this issue?

I’d love to reduce the number of variants I have, but it seems component properties weren’t design to work as part of base nested components (since changes made in those properties aren’t reflected in the variants).


all of the new fancy stuff should work with nested components, otherwise most of it will be useless to a large part of the designers…


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