Resetting component states between frames

oooof this is a killer - just ran into this. I want a component to go to the default state when I close an overlay. That should be a pretty common use case I would think.

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+1 frustrating if you spent some hours on a prototype only to discover such a simple thing is not possible

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+1 for this

Me too - I only use interactive components for hover states.

Why is this still not possible? It can be a simple checkbox “force state” for the frame you want to force the selected state, so you can also keep track of the state if you want to.

I’m going to guess that Adobe’s recent acquisition is going to slow down (e.g. Halt) these essential requests. I’m also going to guess that Adobe will be slower to respond in general once they’re at the helm, but hopefully I’m wrong.

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+1 Would love a fix for this situation. Perhaps a Prototype option on each page to “Reset properties when navigating” in the side panel under where you set them? I am building a tabbed sidebar with a map behind it.

After trying multiple proposed workarounds, nothing worked for what I’m trying to accomplish. My sidebar was an interactive component but I ended up having to transform them into regular frames so I can use overlays to create the desired experience :cry:

Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 4.01.26 PM