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Reset component when restarting prototype

Hey folks!

Loving the interactive components so far! Made things much easier. One thing I’m having problems with is that components don’t reset when I restart a prototype. It gets tricky in my case because I’m trying to create a progress bar and if I restart the component the bar will be already on 100%. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong tho, would love to know if there’s a fix for it.



Hey George! Interactive components should reset when you restart your prototype. If you share the file with me I can take a look and see if I can reproduce your issue or perhaps figure out how to get it to work as intended.

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Hey @Kelsey_Whelan I’ve opened a bug that is probably related to this post, you can find it here: Interactive components won't reset after the first round

The component won’t reset when going back to a previous screen, it works if I reset the whole prototype using R but is not the best solution because it will also restart the whole flow for our users.

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Agree, I feel this needs to be something that can be set against a component instance on an artboard - a “Reset on entry to frame” or similar. I’m working on prototyping onLoad animations, so something like this is needed for that. Would also be applicable when revisiting a contact us page for example.

(Default for a setting like this should be off, for things like keeping textbox and checkbox states)


Yeah I also have the same problem. I would like to have ability to reset components to default without restarting a prototype. Or if its not possible i want to have “restart prototype” settings on interaction. Like when “on click” - > “restart prototype”, or something like “on click” - > “reset components”

Hi Kelsey,

I’m having the same issue here. I’m having two variants of an input field inside an Overlay.

  1. Empty
  2. Filled (it loads when you click on the field)

Closing the Overlay doesn’t reset the input field to 1st variant. When I reopen the Overlay, I see the filled field.

If there’s a way to reset the variant on entering/leaving a frame or an overlay, that would be very helpful.