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Keep interactive component state between frames

Hi, is there an option to persist component state between artboards? E.g. having a toggle on frame A and frame B that is inactive by default. After toggling state to active on frame A, navigating to frame B will reset the toggle to inactive.

Is it possible to persist state between frame changes?

Btw super happy about interactive components! What a great and powerful feature! Thanks for the beta invite!

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Hey Dan! Right now we don’t support state preservation for interactive components, but it’s something we’re thinking about and would love to support in the future.

Glad you’re enjoying the feature, and keep the feedback coming!

FYI just changed the category on this one from Questions to Feedback so we can make sure to keep track of it on the product side.

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Hi Kelsey, thanks for the fast reply! Would be awesome to get this feature down the road.

Hi, we need this so badly too. Btw, enjoying everything in Interactive Components. Thanks so much :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::raised_hands:t2:

(Maybe)Think this could be a simple boolean on the page/frame level to reset/lock states to whatever it is set to when navigating. So, if I had a checkbox, I could just toggle on lock state for that variant and when navigating back it would set/keep whatever the state was in whatever position in the flow.

Howdy! I think this is the right feedback channel for this concept. Please direct me to the correct one if I am wrong. This feature is pretty critical in my eyes for instances where we want the interaction to happen each time the trigger happens. I’m trying to use this for “on load” type events with a delay and I’m not sure how to trigger it each time a prototype page loads. For example. I have it fade in. The reason I don’t use a typical delay is that I want the animation sequences to overlap and this is the only way I can figure out how to do that.