Reorder variable collections list

I concur, we need to be able to reorder our collections

My God… Please fix this Asap… I mean, I love all the new features you guys been adding to the app, like the multi-edit and all, but unable to re-order collections is driving me nuts…

+1 for me. Wondering if I should start over with my variable libraries to make this appear in the right order :frowning:

how can adjust the order of different variable collections ?

WHY this is still not fixed is beyond everything. Let’s scroll past +140 colors before seeing the semantic ones!

I need to always show one collection (Responsive Colors) above other collections (Colors) in all style picking dialogs.

How do I define this order?

I tried renaming, but it didn’t affect the order

This is a must have and prevents direct misuse and confusion in complex design environments.

Please add asap!

Any updates on implementation?

Hi @Slava_Bronevitskiy, Thank you for reaching out about the Variable libraries collection appearing in the color picker modal.

Currently, it appears that Variable collections are displayed in the order of creation. I acknowledge the importance of being able to reorder variable collections. Also, I understand how this may be confusing for you and other users.

You may already be aware, but another community member raised a similar request here, and that topic has been internally noted by our Product team.

While we cannot guarantee any specific changes at this time, I recommend keeping an eye on our Release Notes where we announce all major updates: Release Notes

Thank you for your input on this matter. If you agree, I can merge this topic with the one I mentioned above to consolidate all feedback in one centralized place. Please let us know if you agree with this.
Please inform me if I missed any details.


Thanks for clarification. Yes please merge, so that the product team (if they ever visit threads here) have all the reasons to implement in one place.

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