Prototyping: Allow multiple actions for a trigger

I +1 this idea!!

I recently came across this constraint where I had a button and on click I wanted to change the variant state to active, and also display and overlay.

Tick, tock, tick, tock…


The DSL fails even with basic interactions (like dropdowns).
Dropdowns always have to close and perform some other actions, and they are always broken due to missing of multiple actions on same trigger.

I can’t find any roadmap also to see if it is in plans. OR a word from figma team about any work-arounds?


Coming from Axure, this is killing me. As others have mentioned, even the most basic interactions like menus and drop-downs can’t be done properly.

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In my current work, I need an element to trigger a “scroll to” action while also triggering the “switch to” action.

It is very common for us to need to swap the state of the triggering element (to show that it has been “clicked”) while also triggering the actual action.

Currently, you can’t do that.

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I suggest merging this with Prototyping | Conditional logic & variables - #36 by Pete_Markiewicz

The feature requested will require some form of variable management. Both discussions are attempting to call out the same missing feature, which isn’t so much about multiple events per trigger, but about allowing the end user to create a custom namespace for component state control.

Component-independent state control is a feature that can be built within the confines of the Figma UI as it is today. See Prototyping | Conditional logic & variables - #23 by tm_prof_rs for a suggestion.

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I really need this!!! :pray:t4:

In my current work, I need to trigger a “liked button” click to change the icon from outline to fill and also display a dialog.

Adding myself to the list of people that really need this feature to exist!

As a newbie I went around a cack handed way of multiple variants opening and showing a change state of a button. This is ridiculous I thought there must be a way to do a simple overlay AND show the change state of the button clicked. Of course I’ll learn about overlays and…….hold on a minute. I can’t…but it won’t. This can’t be the way.

Did you notice that we lose the ability to put a second click on a surrounding frame/level ?

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I need this as well. Strange that this isn´t possible.

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Same ! Would be great

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Please add this!!

figma, you only need this one step to take over all other prototype apps…
Please add the chain trigger already. be sure to add control over other component status too

Once again just ran into the need of having multiple interactions on the same actions (Example, On Button Click > Close Modal and Swap Radio Instance to Selected)

This is the biggest feature that I need. Multiple triggers of the same type on one component that do synchronous or a-synchronous actions. I understand that this may reduce Figma’s simplicity - but the benefits for veteran users will be phenomenal!

Example could be - when creating a trigger of the same type (on click for instance), it will group them together. You could select the group and it may have an options for synchronicity of the actions. Imagine you have a map application prototype and there is a button called “zoom to location” - which will have 2 on-click triggers.

  • 1st on click - ‘Scroll to’ which scrolls to the scroll-to element on the map in the frame
  • 2nd on click - ‘Open overlay’ which opens an overlay on the frame, displaying the location details.

Stretch goal:
If set as Synchronous - which will first scroll, and then open overlay after scroll has finished.
If set as A-Synchronous - it will scroll and open overlay at the same time

P.S. I am prototyping this at the moment and having a very difficult time doing this without hacking a bunch of screens. Very easy to do in Axure, but we are using Figma at the current workplace.

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This would be so useful for advanced prototyping. Please add this feature!

I also am coming from Axure and this is a HUGE issue for me right now working on a mobile app prototype. If we could get conditional interactions like Axure that would be PERFECT.


Please, add this feature!