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Prototype is distorted/glitched in presentation mode

I am doing some Usertesting, most of the other tests when perfectly.
But with this one user the prototype is stretched and squashed.
As shown in the picture below. (The red squares are covers)

You can even see the blue interaction box are offset from their original position.
Is this a known bug? Is there a fix for it?


Fix for Chrome

Disable hardware acceleration in the settings and restart Chrome. If this didn’t help or if this slows down Figma too much for you, the following steps will fix the issue:

  1. Enter chrome://flags/ in the address bar and press Enter

  2. Find ANGLE in search

  3. Change the ANGLE graphics backend setting to D3D11, WebGL or whatever is available except D3D9 — this is the buggy version of this library

  4. Restart the browser

Fix for the Figma desktop app

  1. You need to register the application launch parameters. Go to the properties of the Figma shortcut (right click on the icon → “Properties” → “Shortcut” tab)

  2. Add the --use-angle=d3d11 or --use-angle=gl parameter to the “Target” field after the path to the application. The result in the first case will look something like this:
    "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Figma\Figma.exe" --use-angle=d3d11

  3. Close the window and use this shortcut to launch Figma app

The fixes above are only for Windows. This problem shouldn’t appear on macOS. If the fixes above don’t help, report the issue to the Figma team via the support request form. Don’t forget to send them your system information: both hardware and software. You can use another browser like Firefox in the meantime.

Thanks everyone in this thread for posting the solutions, especially @Daniel_Slamen, @Rajapradeep, @Al_Mahdi, @tank666!


I think clipping the main frame of the screen could be a fix for it.

I have no way of confirming, but I reckon this might work.

Seeing weird scaling issues with a figma prototype on Windows - both chrome and Firefox has the exact same issue: the content inside the Device frame was squished up into the top left fo the frame… Is this a known thing?

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I’m having the same problem with Edge88 and Chrome88. Firefox85 displays correctly.

Here’s what I see in Chrome:


As I said above, you need to reach out to Figma support regarding this issue.

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I did reach out to support today, Gleb.
I hope I get a response and a fix soon.

Thanks for answering,

Same problem!! :worried:

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I have the same problem. Any solution?


I don’t know if this is a bug or what, but when I publish and try to preview my prototype, it looks weird, like one part of the screen is offset.

Here are some screenshots to see what I’m talking about

The first three examples are from my own prototype and the last one is from a friend.
Everybody else can see it fine, but my computer really struggles with it.
is it a bug? is there a solution for this?
I’ve already tried switching browsers and it’s still the same.

Thank you!
(sorry if it’s in the wrong tag, I’m new here)


im new to figma. i have problem with preview, is there any solution for this

this is how design looks like while editing it, but when i preview… it looks like

is this is a fault maded by me or a bug with my app

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Facing this problem! Any solution?


im using brave…for a month…but didn’t crashed like this… im using figma webapp…

yes…same happend to me…:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::confounded::confounded:

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@Uma is this fixed?

@khushi_mathur is this fixed?


I am facing the same problem. I can not do a proper prototype. please help me as soon as possible

Me too! Encountered just now :sweat_smile:

Months ago I had this problem when using a web browser. But then it solved when I use Figma for desktop

And now, just now, I encountered this problem again. A few days ago it worked perfectly, although my Figma desktop was updated. But now it broke :sweat_smile:

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I reported this problem months ago.

You would think it would be fixed by now.

Actually me too. Just like what Gleb said, i don’t think there’ll be solution for this. Since Figma team replied like that.

Anw, my problem solved now. Just try Firefox to open Figma, and voila! It works perfectly. For anyone who facing the same issue, you should try it too…

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Hi Guys!
I have a problem … sometimes on different clients I see the problem like that. NOT Correct view in presentation mode… for example in Chrome. Just part of mockup like zoomed… - and same problem in another prototypes.

What is it? how to fix?
maybe already have solution.



YES, we just had this problem last month, same distortion type and area. :rage: