Nested instances reset to default when applying parent modifications like booleans

Hi, I’m facing a strange behaviour right now and I did not find a way to make it work yet…Maybe you folks can help me find a solution or point me in the right direction.

My plan is to create a sidebar navigation pattern where designers can modify the menu structure easily.

The structure of the example includes a “Single Item” component set where all the different navigation link type are collected (e.g. Headline, Link, Subline, Divider, etc.) and a “Section” component set that is used to allow the designers to choose how many navigation items they want to have in a section.

Now to the strange behaviour. When I use the “Mobile” boolean on the “Single Item” component all works as expected. Inactive “Mobile” is full width and active “Mobile” is max-width of 68px. See an example below:

Now when I apply the same settings to a “Section” component only the unchanged link types have the custom text I applied earlier. All link items that have been modified are overwritten by their default state. What I would expect is the “Headline” and “Subline” to have the modified text like in version where mobile is not active. See an example below:

It’s strange to me that, for example, the nested instance is still remembering that I changed it to a “Headline” type but not remembering the text I entered. This way its impossible to allow the designers to easily change the sidebar to collapsed without changing the content for the mobile version manually. What am I missing here?

Here is a sample file to see the behaviour in action:
custom_override_bug.fig (84.6 KB)

Hey Sascha, I’ve checked internally and got the confirmation that this is not an expected behaviour. Please reach out to our support team, they can investigate further and file a bug report on your behalf.

My team and I are also experiencing this issue, was a solution ever found?

Nope but I was too busy to reach out to the support team…we still have this issue.

Hey @SaschaW, sorry to hear that you’re still experiencing the issue.
I’ve just created a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticket number is #1002446, for reference.
Our support team usually takes up to 24 hours to reply back to emails - tends to be quicker than that in normal circumstances. However, please be aware that we are facing increased contact volume so there might be a delay

Appreciate your patience in the meantime!

Hey @DeniseN, I am happy to have an eye on the ticket from the user when it’s being processed by our Support team to give you more information about it.

Alternatively you can reach out to the support team directly via this form: ​
Please also share your file link with our team and invite directly as an editor (this won’t affect your billing at all).


Hi @Gayani_S thank you for creating the support ticket :+1: I will let you know in here if it was a bug, if yes how we fixed it or if I was just using a wrong approach.

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Hey @DeniseN, wanted to give you a current update on the ticket.

Our engineering team have been investigating this issue and to be transparent this will not have an immediate resolution as they need more time to investigate this and fix it due to its complexity within our override logic.

We can’t promise a quick fix, and please know that our engineering team is aware of the issue and will work towards finding a solution in the future.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

I am also experiencing this issue. @Gayani_S I know you said that you cannot promise a quick fix but is this bug currently in the queue to be investigated and worked on. There seem to be a fair number of issues related to this on the forums. Just a few I have found.

Also, where is the Fix Instance Overrides command that this thread is talking about?