Nested variant instances within a component are reset after the library update?

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1 year later, I think I’m experiencing exactly the same issues as those mentioned in these topics:

Unfortunately, the solution suggested in the related topics I mentioned above — reload Figma and run “Fix instance overrides” from the Quick Actions — is outdated and no longer exists.

If there a new solution?

if I may summarise the issue:

When we nest a variant instance within a component, use that component in another file and select a different variant value than the one defined by default, then every change related to that component published from the library and updated in the other file will reset the modified variant instance within it.

Here is a video I made to make it as clear as possible ↓

Please let me know if any of you are also affected by this issue.

If my example only shows a reset of the variant name, be aware that this issue affects all possible overrides making it much more annoying with more complex real components!
To me, this looks like a bug that needs to be fixed quickly.

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we have a problem when we modify an instance of a nested component.

Indeed we have a level 1 component with different variants, which we call in a level 2 component.

We call an instance of this level 2 component, we modify for example the fill of one of the layers.
But if we ever change the level 2 (by changing the variant of the level 1 component we call), then the fill resets to match the selected variant.

Is there a solution to this problem?



Hello! I think it’s more or less the same problem I have yes…

I created this topic and made two tickets to the support in the hope that they would fix this bug soon enough.

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Did you find a solution for this problem? Facing the exact same issue right now.

Hello @Gregor_Pichler , no unfortunately I was in discussion with the Support team who were very responsive but after telling me several times that their Engineering team would look into this issue still haven’t got back to me :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m having the same issue.

I am also having this issue and recently checked with the support team. They say they are aware of the situation, this is a bug, but there is no ETA for any solutions. All we can do is to wait and expect Figma team to resolve this. Until they come up with a solution, we need to fix every single overrides manually after any library updates which means 3+ hours of labor on my side.

Im having the same issue

Having the same issue with designers who are using my design system files. This is increasing labor costs. Has there been any resolution on this?

Having the same issue. Any chances to the master component result in overrides for all the custom text in our files and it’s a real problem.

Having the same issue, i tried to come up with some work around but unfortunate none, hope to have an answer from Figma Team soon.

Same here, annoying :melting_face:

Same issue, all my level 1 components were reset after library push :sleepy: This is a big problem!

OK Figma Support, it would be good to take a serious look at this problem from now on. I haven’t heard from you since…

I even have the feel that this issue of embedded components being reset applies to the same file now, and not just when you use the component in another file after updating the library…

This is a considerable issue in our company as well. Any updates on this one Figma Support?

Likewise this is causing a lot of wasted time, resetting icons in files when a Library update is pushed.
And fix ETA @Support_Team

Hey All, sorry for the trouble and frustration!

Usually, this occurs when an update made to the main component alters the component structure, hierarchy, or layer names.

These types of changes prevent overrides from being preserved as described here: Apply overrides to instances.

As a first step, we recommend comparing the component instance before updating with the latest component version to check if any recent changes:

  • Added or removed any component variant properties
  • Switched any nested components to a different variant
  • Added or removed component sublayers
  • Renamed any component sublayers

If none of these help, our team can take a closer look at why the nested instances are resetting. If so, please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help:

Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with

FYI - FIgma does not own Support_Team, so there is no need to tag them in the future.