Bug report: updating the table component wiped all values

Hi all,
I wanted to submit a bug report to the team that had me lose about a week’s worth of work.
I’m using a set of components produced by the Polaris team, they updated the table component and it wiped all the values from all of my tables.
I’m not sure what could be done to fix this, but from now on I will not be updating components with customized data in them, which makes that entire feature less customer usable.

Thank you for your time.


I have similar issue, I have a component in my main component library, which has a nested component. Example, Header instance inside Page component. When I update the Header or Page component and publish it, the all Header instance inside Page component gets reset on all the files when they update to the newest library.

Same here. Boolean and swap instances are being reset when used in nested components.
No matter how many times I fix it in the instance, with every new library update they get reset.

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+1 happening to me too, it’s hard to keep track of what’s been reset and gives me anxiety every time I update a component.

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Same. It’s creating a lot of rework for us to keep track of what has changed and fixing those resets. Definitely a hassle!

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Same here - honestly I’m terrified of updating my files with library updates and this is causing a lot of problems. Figma please fix this!!

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Any news on this?

The engineers are working on the problem described by @Ben_Ho now (Boolean props and swap instances being reset on accepting updates) but if you can Submit a bug report → we’ll be able to get some extra information from you and change an account setting to stop this happening while they investigate. Thanks for your help and patience while we work on this.

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