Nested component properties reset when updating parent component

Hi there. Here is my case:

In a library file
I have a data cell component to represent table data. It is basically an autolayout frame with three parts: left, middle and right. Each part is a reference to a set of components (ex. datacell/middle/comp1 and datacell/middle/comp2) and has an instance swap property. With this set up I can add a data cell and choose each part to output different types of data. I guess this solution it is a common one.

In a design file
I have lots of tables with different combinations of the data cells.

The problem
Whenever I update the data cell component (the parent) all nested instances are reset to its default state. This bug seems to happen in any test case, even if changes in parent component do not relate to nested instances, for example if I change autolayout padding values etc. I’ve also noticed that some nested instances in data cells are not reset, when these instances are equal to default values in instance swap properties of data cell.

My question is if this is a bug or am I missing something obvious?)


Hey Nikita_Sushkov, I guess it’s a bug, I have a similar if not the same issue:

I have a component for a table row which contains instances of the component text field.

If I update the library, all the text fields get reset.

Similar issue here, mentioned in this post:

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