Nested components variants bug

Is this a new way to approach to variants or is this a bug? (This is how it was yesterday)2022-12-19T23:00:00Z

Simple instant of button with inverted variant for pressed state works fine. Icon color is inverted as intended. However, once button instance is nested inside another component it’s suddenly stops working.

(This is how my each and everyone instance behave now)


I’m having the same issue. It seems to affect only nested components with variants. Color styles just stopped propagating into shapes somehow. Can anyone from Figma look into it, please? It’s quite annoying.


I think issues described in those threads could be caused by the same defect in the software:

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This one as well looks like the very same issue


@Figma_Support Can we at least figure out either this expected behaviour or bug?

@Figma_Support having the exact same issue

the same issue. I described my case in this topic Hovering bug : Color is lost on interactions when nested - #11 by Artem-Moskovskikh

I’ve got one method how to fix it, but its somtnhg like trick (rus language, activate comment mode on eng):

But of course I think that guys from Figma should fix it, or give advices, for example, how we should make menus and other stuff :grin:

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