Variant + Instance swap does not work in nested instances

I have a bunch of icon components (located in the IconLinear frame). Each of them contains a “Vector” layer that are filled with --black.
The IconFrame component uses instance swap property to change icons, and uses variants to set different colors for different states. I then use variant interactions to create an interaction IconFrame.

This works well for top-level instances of the IconFrame. However, once I nest an IconFrame instance into another frame and make the frame a component, the component still works fine but its instances fail to work properly.

Specifically, while hovering, the desired color of the icon is the one set in the IconFrame component, but in reality it is the color of the icon, which is --black.

I have tried setting the colors of the icon and IconFrame back and forth as some community members suggest, but did not succeed.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this issue. Visit to view and edit the full example.

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