Need help. Interactive buttons with a twist

Hi guys!
Would appreciate your help with prototype menu controls.
What I’m trying to achieve:

  • 4 interactive buttons with 2 states each (active/nonactive)
  • When 1 active other 3 become nonactive
  • User can choose between buttons by horizontal scrolling
  • If button pressed, show different content on the main frame for each button

Buttons work perfectly :slight_smile: but I broke my head about how to make these buttons to control content on the main frame
Thank you for your help!


Unfortunately, there is no conditional logic in Figma. You can vote for adding this functionality here:

To be able to change something, you must include it in your component’s variant. But in this case, I think it doesn’t fit at all. The best way to do what you want is to create additional frames with different content.


Thank you. Voated. My sad.

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