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Prototyping | Conditional logic & variables

  1. If a screen in a complex flow has multiple entry points and conditions it’s impossible to prototype in Figma.

  2. Axure RP allows for setting variables say “From Home dashboard” and using IF else statements, to manage complex prototypes. I would love this feature in Figma. Axure RP, UX Pin and Framer allows for this, but I would prefer to just use Figma for “complex” prototypes too.

Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?, etc.


Agreed. Until Figma can at least allow for complex conditionals (arguments IF, THEN, ELSE), and Local and Global Variables it really isn’t a serious prototyping tool, just a little better than Invision. Fortunately, Axure allows for importing of Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD now, so you can still design freely with Figma and for heavy interaction-design simulation (with conditionals) rely on Axure until someone can produce production-quality code-generation in prototypes from design tools one day… No, Anima plug in isn’t production level code generation… its psuedo code at its best.