Move a page from one Figma file to another

+1 Moving pages to merge 2 DS files into 1 is needed badly

+1. We need that, especially now with the “memory running low” message: to fix that, we need to move unused content to other files.

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+1, we need this, would be a massive help!

+1 need this

+1! Should have been implemented a long time ago.

We need help to reorganise files!

Is it done yet?

+1 would also like this feature

I had attempted this today for a multiple library consolidation test. No go (not easily). Would love a much simpler way to move pages from one file to another.

Commenting to add my support and keep this topic open. Come on, Figma team. This can’t be that complicated to build! Granted, it’s also not hard for me to select all, copy, create new page in other file, and paste.

+1. My file is getting larger and there isn’t a way for me to move some pages, along with the comments, to a new file to lighten up the memory usage.

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+1 This feature is a must

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Our company Figma file has unfortunately become very large in the meantime. I constantly get the warning “Almost out of memory”. 77% is already occupied.
We work mainly with one file that developers can always access the whole file and also find everything independently.

To solve the problem with memory issues I would like to copy individual pages into an archive file. It would be very helpful if you could copy complete pages into a new file (in the same project) without losing prototypes or links to the library.

I have only 23% memory left… so hopp hopp Figma :upside_down_face: Hope to see this feature soon.

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