Missing horizontal scrolling in layers panel!


This problem is described in many topics on your forum, one of them is here:


Read it in detail, please.

Do not ignore this message. On this occasion, the entire figma community has been talking to you for more than a year, writing, shouting in all places where you can write!!!

Don’t treat it as an “Idea” and put it to a vote - otherwise it will never get fixed!! This is a bug and nothing else!!! With this BUG it is simply not possible to work on the layout!!! If you position figma as a professional tool and you
do not give a damn about users who pay money for using this tool - then you are obliged to solve this problem that is mind-blowing for everyone as soon as possible !!!

We all expect decisive action from you!! Thank you for your attention!

Hey @Yulia,

This is not a bug. It’s expected behavior for now, but it’s on our radar for the future. Please vote for this capability in the thread you linked:

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