Missing Fonts bug in Interactive Components

I am sharing a prototype with stakeholders who are not supposed to edit the file, only view it. Yet I am receiving this bug:

Missing Fonts in Interactive Components

This file contains interactive components with missing or local fonts.

The font’s flash for a split second and then disappear. This makes it impossible for me to use Figma for sharing prototypes. Please address this asap.

BTW, this seems to be a new bug, as it was not the case a few weeks ago…


Thanks for the quick response.

However, changing the font for any user who’s not on an organization plan is a very extreme move. As a freelance designer, are you expecting me to buy an organization plan only for this feature? As a design educator are you expecting me to limit my students to a very limited set of choices? This is even a greater setback, as Figma’s support for RTL languages is so poor that it’s almost unusable. Now you suggest to default the font to Inter, which is a beautiful Latin font, but has very limited non-Latin support:

In general Google Fonts has many options for Latin languages, but very few and mostly feeble options for non-Latin ones. If you have to use a font stack, for fallback please build it with every script in mind. Feel free to consult me if you need.

Moreover, I understand you are developing dynamic text features in interactive components, which is great. I also understand you are concerned about the copyright implications of live fonts. But there are other ways to do this. Even a simple toggle that would maintain the font’s integrity at the price of its dynamic features would do the trick.

Figma is admirable in many levels, but your Latin-centric design choices and the bias against languages that are not written like yours has been a consistent blindspot. I urge you to please reconsider your design choices.


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