Missing file? Not in deleted files

I’m having a similar but more terrifying issue! Several drafts are missing from my account, checked everywhere, switched accounts, set the filter to deleted by anyone, etc. They’re just nowhere to be found. I recently saved them as drafts from a different account but not sure why that would matter. They were in my account yesterday and now they’re not. Months of work, PLEASE HELP! I already submitted two support tickets, no one has replied yet…I’m having a panic attack, there has to be a way to get them back!


Just happened to me. Not important work. But shocked this can happen. Can files be saved to our computers, backed up. I new to figma but tech savvy enough, and positive I haven’t pressed or touched anything


You need to log in again (from the Figma website) to your Figma account in order to see the files. This fixed the issue for me. Desktop client might log you out for some reason.

you are savior :slight_smile:
Your comment helped me to resolve the same kind of issue

The same issue, I am the owner of the file, but can’t found the file. it’s completely missing.
I checked the delete draft to make sure if it was accidentally deleted or not. but on my side, everything is okay. please help. how to solve this issue…

  1. Can you find the file by searching via the name?
  2. Can you open the file by visiting the file link, if you can find it somewhere?
  3. Have you checked the Drafts → Deleted folder with ‘Created by: Anyone’ filter?
  4. Have you checked the External Teams menu in the top left corner — maybe this file is in another team?

Hello, this happen to me today. The file is missing and I did not deleted it!

this isnt working for us, all our files are missing. Do you know anyone that can look into this for us and help?

Happened to me too. Try to take a look in “External teams” on left top corner.

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Yes, same thing happened to me. There are two diff draft files – your main company area, and one called “External Teams” (upper left dropdown in the Figma app.

Figma, please make a global search that returns ANYTHING with the matching file name across these areas.

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Добрый день, пропали файлы, в удаленных их нет, что можно сделать?

This has happened to me as well. I absolutely made this file myself and it now says I don’t have permission to view it. I have the URL still, how do I resolve this?

I didn’t delete it, and it’s not in deleted files in any of the teams, and not showing up under any search filters even though I have the exact file name.

I am facing the same issue and the solution is not working for. Nothing found in draft nor in Deleted files

This also happens to me after my desktop app suddenly logs me out for no reason. Can we do an autosave to a local copy of the file/document? It seems like one of the best solutions for this problem.

This just happened to me. I file that I am the owner of has disappeared and I have no idea how to find it.

Hey all, I have a different problem and that is that i have an extremely important file missing from Figma, that I worked on yesterday, and it’s not in deleted files but the difference from majority of you is that the file is not in my ownership. Dev who’s working with me on it [not their file] sent me a link and i can access the file but only with a view only option.

Did anyone have that happen with a file that wasn’t in their ownership? And did you manage to figure out what happened?


I am facing the same issue and the solution is not working for. Nothing found in draft nor in Deleted files… I am the owner of the file and I still have the link. I can’t find it anywhere!!! please help…

This just happened to me. Logged in to find file I was working on last night missing. Luckily found it in Drafts → Deleted → Created by anyone

Very scary bug!

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This just happened to me! I don’t have any files that are older than 3 months old. And they’re not in deleted files either.

Very scary!!