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Min and Max Width for Auto Layout

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+1 i was trying find this option

First time Figma user, long time React/MUI developer here. This is such a fundamental feature that I find it super weird that Figma made it past alpha, let alone into such maturity, without it!

Designers have caused me so many headaches over the years by never bothering to set min/max width. Now I understand why, at least - because it’s waaay more work for them because for every change in that one css property they have to add a whole new component!!!


This is a must-have, please work on this feature! Having this will help my developers a ton.

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absolutely need it

+100 !!!

+1 would make it so similar to designing in webflow, that would be amazing!

+1, it would be great to add this feature and wondering why it is impossible to add min and max for the layout width, I prefer the container width can stop at an exact width for both min and max px even if I set it in fill container setting. thanks