Let us design on tablets/mobile (Fully featured Figma for iOS and Android)

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I like to work on my iPad Air with Apple Pencil. It’s great in Miro app. Lets me deal with comments or make small adjustments while away from the big screen.

Now Figma is not very useful on mobile browsers. Most tools are disabled.
One workaround is Figurative app but that is only marginally better and not developed for the last few months.

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Anyone tried this on Android tablets? Some funky workarounds like connecting keyboards or hacking browser settings?

I guess it’s okay on Windows based tablets and convertibles, at least non ARM based ones.

What about phones?

And what about proper companion app, like Miro has?



Right now it is pretty much impossible to use with and Android tablet (at least without a keyboard) because most things you click on the UI will eventually trigger the tablet’s virtual keyboard and it becomes really annoying to do anything. A tablet version of the web app would be great.


So much into this topic. I love Figurative but a more “native” Tablet or simply touch experience is definetly a must for Figma as a long term strattegy.

Figma was hiring a designer for Mobile a while ago so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


我在iPad pro上连接键盘与鼠标,可以很好的使用figma。但是我更想使用 apple pencil来在ipad上工作。

I’m sorry, could you please write in English? Most people here can’t understand you. My native language isn’t English either.

I have tried to connect to the TV with an Android phone and open figma in the browser of the phone, but it is necessary to connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. https://twitter.com/ymyz1229/status/1332188168209108993

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I agree. Tablet and Chromebook support would be a huge time saver, enabling a lot of quick touch and pen-based edits that aren’t possible yet.

As of now, it’s terrible in android tablets. I recently bought Samsung s7 and even though figma loads like as in desktop, the interactions were damn poor. I have to drag with two fingers inorder to pane.

i need figma app on iPad Pro


I’ve used Figma on chromebooks and it works great for the most part. I do wish fingers were treated automatically as a hand tool while on canvas tho

I’d love a figma native app that worked like figurative. That’s been my been my favorite way to use figma so far. It’s a shame figurative hasn’t been developed recently tho.

URL for Figurtive. https://figurative.design. Was updated 3 months ago.

With the M1 iPad approaching, shouldn’t they start to port to iPadOS already? :disappointed: So much potential

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Having iPad support (hopefully a native app) for FigJam would be amazing! I hate drawing with my mouse and having that right on my iPad would be amazing and make it feel like a real whiteboard experience.


This! I am getting the new M1 iPad so I can better sketch digitally, which makes it easier to transfer my work to Figma as well. I can also take sketching a lot more seriously with it.

But now that FigJam exists, it sounds like we’re almost able to do the full sketch to final design process in Figma… a native app would be incredible for this workflow.

I am looking forward to what you will bring next, Figma! Keep being incredible :pray:


Yes. I’m a hundred percent agree with the folks here. FigJam was an awesome idea but drawing with a mouse is kind of pointless. Also in the future working on a tablet such as iPad Pro with pencil is felt more intuitive than desktop and laptops.

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Ever since Apple pencil came out, I’ve been dying to use it on a design tool. Now with m1 chip in iPad pros, lets have figma on ipad plzzzzz


we need apple pencil support like in miro - or other pencils for android - would make up a whole new concept part for figma… or figjam

I Use XP-PEN : https://www.xp-pen.com Drawing Tablet with chromebook for design.

And? Does everything work or are you just boasting?