LAUNCHED: Prototyping: Allow multiple actions for a trigger

No need to over-complexify the discussion… multiple actions per trigger. It’s a simple concept and is available in Axure and has been for a long time…

In point of fact… the main selling point of Axure as prominently displayed at the top of their homepage in size 300 point type is:

Infinite Interactions, Unlimited Power!

THIS is exactly the kinds of interactions I am talking about.

In Axure it’s really easy to do the following:

Click → Close Dropdown overlay, Load new background overlay, Pause 500ms, display loading overlay, Pause 2000ms (while loading animation runs), Close loading overlay, and display new data result overlay.

It can all happen on the same screen without the need for long chains of steps/pages manually created to “fake” the same thing.


Checking in… not having this is very limiting. Multiple “after delay” triggers would let me rig up a timed animation (thing appears, animation happens, thing disappears)

It’s actually quite amazing that this hasn’t been solved yet - such a basic prototyping feature. like currently I am prototyping selecting an item in a table, and seeing the row state change and additionally the detail change - software has multiple effects from a trigger all the time, how is this request over a year old now?


Yes, this is a biggie, and haven’t found a workaround (such as on click AND on mouse up).

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While workarounds exist (e.g. creating a new component from the page, instantiating it when I want a transition between a loading state and a loaded state) they are tedious and pollute the designs with basically the same parts that only serve the purpose of fixing this.

It is hard to prototype even simple interactions such as:

  • open a pop-up dialog (overlay) from a menu (which is also an overlay)
  • transition to a loading state, wait 2 seconds, transition to a success state of a component

Please Figma, make this happen!


let’s make it happen Fig, much needed feature

I haven’t read all of the responses, and not sure this is directly relevant or related to the initial post.
Re: ability to trigger multiple actions from one trigger event.

Alt Ask…
Ability to trigger other components from a trigger action.

  • I spent years using Axure for prototyping and LOVED LOVED LOVED the ability to have one object control the state or actions of another object. Can Figma enable one component to trigger / change the state or variant shown, in another component - ideally any component living in the same parent frame - including nested frames, nested components.

I’m assuming it would be difficult to tell a component to change it’s state (Variant shown) and then set a component property…but WOW that would be great.

This was done in Axure by calling an action, setting a “Wait = 1 second” and then you could tell the same object that was just changed, to do something (like load a video, open an accordion, set an element of that object to a specific state. etc)


A real feel example would be on click show overlay,
On click of CTA in overlay, close overlay
and add “a text string” to a text field"

Next obvious step would be to pass variables. “OOOOH I CAN"T WAIT”

No! And yes, I too would love this!
Wondering why Axure fell out of favor… It did some amazing stuff!

Sigh. Me too regarding this basic feature request from 2021.

A clear weakness vs. Axure…please add, thank you!

upvoting this - needed for overlay and changing background opacity at the same time

+1 Need this for a dropdown to navigate to a different screen and initialize the dropdown to default.


I would benefit from this feature as well.

Its useless to create prototypes if you cant demonstrate the a button changes color and open a drop-down for instance in the same action.

I will love this feature. Please add it! +1

yes thats a +1 from me

absolutely +1! Having experienced same kind of issue several times <3