LAUNCHED: Prototyping: Allow multiple actions for a trigger

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Currently, Figma only allows to select one action for a trigger in prototyping. This means that when applying e.g. an “On Click” trigger to an element, it’s not possible to have multiple actions (like showing two overlays) when the element is clicked. By allowing to add multiple actions to a trigger, prototyping would get much more powerful and useful!

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I faced this issue when I wanted to show a notification that automatically appears and disappears after using a specific action (e.g. create, delete an element).

Currently, you would have to build many screens to imitate this behaviour. If multiple actions would be allowed, it would be much simpler and efficient to create such flows. In my example, it would be set up like this:
Show an overlay on click → delay → show another overlay → delay → close the overlay

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I assume that there are also multiple other use cases when more actions are needed for a single trigger on an element. It would be awesome if somebody who stumbled across this issue would describe their use cases as well!


Chaining events would be a great addition. I needed this as well in a few of my prototypes.


I also think this would be a great improvement. I needed to mark a list element as selected, with an interactive component, and at the same time open an overlay showing more info about the list element.

Hopefully we will have the “multiple actions in 1 click” feature in future updates


We are very much in need of this as well. Great proposal!

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I’d like this one too. Especially useful in case of on click. As I want something to pop up as well as to scroll to a certain place.


Yes please!! I need to be able to close an overlay on click whilst simultaneously changing an interactive component.


Yes, that would be awesome, we desperately need it! It is very much an essential feature, you have no idea!

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Yes, I need that as well. When I click on a button, I’d like to close a modal window, and at the same time switch the state of an element on the page.


Exactly what I’m looking for.
Wanted to change state and also open an overlay.


Definitely need this. I have a primary screen with 5 icons below it. Each icon surfaces a different overlay and when clocked, also needs to close any other overlay that’s already visible> But I can’t make that happen.


Still needed! For example would enable button blur and click on the same element… quite a basic requirement imho :slight_smile:


I’ve ran into this when I’d like multiple components to appear additively based on what is selected. To say it simply, if I click #1, I’d like A & B components to overlay. If I click #2, I’d like A & C components to overlay. I don’t want to build out components for each possible combination. I was planning on using manual overlay so I can control where the multiple components would overlay at.

In the same boat as usability Medic for closing one and opening another overlay with one click. I also have a map with many pins upon opening, and would like to hide some of those as selections filter out pins. I can’t seem to hide layers with a click, so it seems I should instead have them as separate overlays to hide–but I can’t display them all initially by only turning on one overlay.

Going to try to make that happen with nested frams (this is my first time trying Figma! Other aspects are great and I’m starting to get the hang of it.)

This is very much needed. Menus items that navigate to other pages then slide up would be a simple example of this feature.
A menu slides down, user clicks on an item from the list. The menu slides up (Change to the variant of an interactive component) and the user is taken to another screen.


Other prototype tools do this as standard.
Why have @anon21722796 themselves not commented on this in 7 months?
Are they too scared to acknowledge a much needed feature is missing?


This is badly needed! I would say #1 feature missing from Prototype mode. Right now I have to make very convoluted flows just because there is no way to do more than one action.


Agree with all the comments. If Figma would allow more than one event ‘On Click’ no other tool would be needed. In my case, I have an interactive component that is changing the variant from checked to unchecked. But if checked I want it to overlay an action bar that would allow the user additional actions like “compare” items.

100% agree. You should be able to do multiple actions on one click. Ie change state of button and open an overlay. How is this not in from the start?

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Please let us add multiple events to one click. I almost want to go back to using Axure because I miss this feature so badly!


This is greatly needed. Having the ability to to check a checkbox while simultaneously updating another element on the same screen isn’t exactly an edge case, I would argue.