LAUNCHED: Min and Max Width for Auto Layout

@Figma_Support, please can this be implemented as soon as…

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Yes!! This would be so incredible!

I vote a big “YES” for Min/Max values! Please make this a reality ASAP, thank you! :heart:

Set a minimum or maximum height or width for the components. To be able to adjust the component by setting a requirement that it cannot exceed a certain size.

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+1 for min/max width please. This will be so helpful for responsive designs and developer handoff

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Yes !!! +1 too

And this line break in the auto layout part :face_with_peeking_eye:

Vincent. I made the min width work in a couple different ways using the hidden line. In the case of a button with an icon (and all non-2 action) set the line as its own frame under the frame that contains the text and icon.

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Figma has made a lot of progress in making the design/dev handoff easier and bring design and/dev closer than ever before. Having min/max width and height would be another step closer.
My use case at the moment is for min-heights on things like buttons, inputs etc That way I don’t have to rely on line-height and top/bottom padding to get the desired height and still have a button text that can wrap.

You got what you wanted in the end <3


When it will be launched?

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Hi. I have a component made of a frame containing frames containing texts. If, in this component, I set a max with for the top frame, I can change or remove it in the component instances. But I cannot change or remove max width for the nested layers in the instances… Shouldn’t this be possible?

Does anyone know if this is a bug?

I am able to set min and max height for components. When I use the scale tool (double and single arrow versions of scaling), the min is respected, but the max is changeable - i.e. i can increase the size of the instance when scaling. I would like to prevent that so our components don’t exceed the intended size. Thanks!

Variants with interactions seem to remove/ignore min-max values in instances? If min-max is applied to instance, then after interaction it loses the min-max. When interacting back to the initial state, min-max is back! But it should retain min-max in every variant/state. State management options in interaction panel doesn’t seem to affect the behaviour.