Keep Comments pinned to design elements (so moving design elements automatically moves comments)

Very important for me, too. Please bring this feature back :slight_smile:

I am not quite sure if it has been already mentioned but it would be awesome to be able to cut/paste comment within a frame. Right now when you cut a frame the comments stays on an empty space in the page and you have to move every one of them manually to “re-associate” them to the corresponding frame

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coming 2024,still out of this feature?

I found a workaround.

The comment seems to be attached to the most high level element on you canvas. This means, if you try to attach a comment to an element on an artboard… Figma will attach the comment to the artboard and not nested element. (hypothesis)

To make it simple,

  • if you can, set yourself and your elements outside any artboard.
  • Select the desired element
  • Create a comment
  • Move the element, the comment is now attached to it.

But I agree, not optimal at all.

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haha…1 year later here i am…

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To everyone who wrote here, since this one was marked as solved and seems to not be sufficiently specific, i have made a new topic you can vote for: Keep comments pinned to specific nested elements (AUTOLAYOUT included)

This is such an essential feature: I use auto-layout to organize rows of artboards and when I add a new one the comments stay in place while the artboards get shifted so it’s hard to see what comment relates to what. Allow me to anchor them to specific components in the designs so that they remain in place. Show a border when the comment is selected to easily identify what component it refers to.

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My team uses a lot pronouns in our comments. And our compositions use a lot of autoframing. I wish I could attach a comment to an object (photo, text, etc) so that when a section is deleted, and the whole page moves up, comments stick to what they are referring to.

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+1 I would also love for this feature to support moving frames to different pages, so the comments move with them.

I came here to ask the same thing, then I just noticed that comments can be reattached to certain elements but not others - it’s really finnicky. This needs to be fixed: to be able to drag the comment around and it should get stuck to the closest element, be it a frame / component / group / shape.

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You can do that by right-clicking on a frame and selecting “Move to page” and a target page. Doing that will move any attached comments on the frame along with it.

Thanks @flauridsen I wish this also worked for cut & paste… that is what I always use to have more control over where on the page my cut & pasted elements land.

Another issue I face is, if I organise my files and want to move sections / artboards etc. to another file, the comments do not move with it. Even if I clone a file, the comments only exist in one file - so I have to screenshot the comments manually to keep them in the context.

wow, yes. need this.

Why has this issue been marked as “solved” after post #13? Comments following top-level elements are only half of the job, as proofed by all those comments above. Please correct the status of this idea, @Figma_Moderation, so that product owners can see it and take it into account.

Hey @Dominik11, thanks for flagging this!

We’ve removed the suggested solution and passed this onto our team to look into.

Btw, we do not own Figma_Moderation, so there’s no need to tag them in the future.

Happy to hear this, and thanks for your clarifying :slight_smile:

Confirming this is still a, very frustrating, issue.