Keep Comments pinned to design elements (so moving design elements automatically moves comments)

When i move my design elements/frames/etc., I expect all the pinned comments to move with them – but they don’t. instead i’m left with a bunch of floating comments (that are not attached to anything), which requires me to manually re-read each comment and move it again to its correct place. this is frustrating and time consuming. but what’s worse is when another user forgets to move the comments after they move the design elements, so when i return to the Figma file it’s very difficult to decipher the floating comments because they are not pinned to anything so i have no idea what they’re referring to. please keep Comments pinned to design elements (so moving design elements automatically moves comments).


@MayaShendelman I have the same problem, but in Figjam. And it’s a huge problem. I am mapping flows in our app with screenshots (photos) and I need to attach a lot of comments to these screenshots, which I should rearrange all the time, but because of this problem, I can’t.
In here: I was reading that the comments should be normally attached to an object or a sticker ( I imagine my screenshots are counted as objects?) but I see in their video demonstration that the object should first get a blue outline to look selected, and then the comment should attach to it. But I don’t see any blue outline on the objects I hover over when in comment mode.
As I mentioned before, it’s a vital thing for my work to be able to attach these comments, and I would love at least to have another way to comment if this doesn’t get fixed.

Exactly the same issue. Would be great if we can choose to have floating comments (as they are now) or pinned comments (put on top of a frame e.g.).

Now, we can’t move anything anymore on the screens, because we would break all the comments. Makes the whole comments thing a gamble to use.


Yes!! Imo comments should always be pinned to an element. A frame or group at minimum - it might be cool for them to attach to specific layers, though.

Miro’s implementation of this is good. Comments pin to specific entities and move with them.


Upvoting this one. Agree with above comment about Miro—I was disappointed Figma’s commenting doesn’t work like that. Roughing out our wireframes takes a lot of collaboration and I’m constantly moving frames around … so this commenting function is a big pain point.


Repro steps:

  1. Add a comment to a prototype
  2. Close the window, and reopen
  3. Try to find the comment and notice that it is not anchored to where you added it
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Comments should move along with the frames when you move them, and with elements in general

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I would not enforce this as a standard, but rather as a option. Sticky comments vs normal comments. I don’t see a need for permasticky. But I do agree that it would be helpful in some instances.


Comments connected to a specific element in a frame would be great. I have the same issue - when the design above the comment changes, the comment becomes disassociated and it’s very hard to figure out what that comment relates to.

Found a solution to this. When you want to pin a comment to an individual screen, please make sure that it’s not inside an auto-layout. Remove it and make sure that it’s standing individually, that way, the comment will ever be moving with that screen/wireframe.

When moving frames around in Figma or across different pages, the comments do not stay attached. This is extremely frustrating to those designers who constantly reorganize their Figma by different development phases. The comments are super insightful in communicating with our dev team across seas and need to stay attached to the frames.

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The comments should now be pinned to all top-level elements:

video source

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Continuing the discussion from Keep Comments pinned to design elements (so moving design elements automatically moves comments):

I was working with this fix and I’ve noticed that the comments are not sticking to individual elements if they are in a frame. For example, if I have a desktop web page layout and I want to comment on a specific section, and then I reorder the page sections, the comment will not move with the element, but stay pinned to the original location within the overall frame.


@Gleb please see above

+1 to Kyle_Holten’s video. I’ve been similarly running into this when trying to attach comments to child frames that need to move around within the parent frame (e.g. table rows).

+1 to Kyle_Holten’s video.

I have made comments throughout my file. Later down the road I have done some re-organizing where I have moved a screen to a different page or even just moving it to another spot on the screen. When I do this any comments I have made pointing out feature functionality stay in place and I have to manually move it to the part it should be attached to. It would be great if we could pin a comment to a frame or element so that as it moves the comment follows.

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I don’t think this is fixed. The comment may stick to a top-most frame, but it doesn’t respond to things within the frame, so if you’re making a comment on the contents of the frame and things get adjusted, it doesn’t move with the specific content being commented on (e.g. If you make a note about a field in a form, then other fields get deleted so the original one moves up, the comment doesn’t go with it)