Keep Comments pinned to design elements (so moving design elements automatically moves comments)

+1 on comments in framed elements: a shortcut like CMD + C on a Mac to enter a comment and pin it on a framed element would be a great fix!

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Ok, haven’t read the whole thread here… But I just learned that if you use the “Move to page” function, the comments are following when you move it to another page. So mark, right click and choose page to move to.

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This is still an issue… Comments stay pinned now, unless you move something to another page, then the comment gets left behind.

Looks like Jessi above has a work around, but would be better usability if it just stayed with element, and we didn’t have to use right click menu.

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Up voting this one. Still a big issue for me!

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Same here. Would love to have an option to pin comments to elements - suggestion, if deleting the element it would be nice to either:

a. Keep the comment per default but make it floating with a note saying something like “pinned element deleted”
b. Get a dialogue with the option to either keep the comment (floating) or delete it


Did this get resolved? I am still experiencing this and is so time consuming.

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This isn’t working for me. Can you explain how this is done?

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Has there been any resolution on this? Incredibly annoying.


While this might work at a top level frame, I like to have have my frames in auto layout to keep everything tidy.

This breaks the functionality of “pinning” to a frame so I end up ungrouping to have the pinning functionality at a high level.

However the issue bubbles up in frames that have auto layout and things shifting around alot.

Can we pin to a frame or group regardless if it’s a parent or not? Pretty pls?


a couple of days ago, my comments were pinned to the frames, I thought the issue was solved which was great. But today the comments are no longer pinned. I wish I knew what I did before.

sometimes it works misteriously, sometimes it doesn’t


Still an issue for me… Not working and loooooots of time spent manually moving comments :frowning:

Having issues with this as well, nothing seems to stick.

Figma doesn’t natively support pinning comments to nested frames. This is especially frustration for Auto Layout frames whose content moves a lot by definition.

Is there a plugin to support this? I haven’t come across one.

@Gleb, it seems like a temporary solution. And since Figma is promoting auto-layout, which is an excellent feature, fixing it grows in importance as managing heavily structured frames with comments takes a lot of time now. When could we expect comments pinned to just any frame?

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I can’t think of any use case were comments would not follow when moving an object. This makes iterative work extremely tedious.

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Hi there, is it possible to ping comments to frames so that if you copy/paste your frames on a new page they follow through?

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Hey guys, I found a solution with a widget.

Bump. This is not fixed, and it’s very frustrating. I can see Figma acting like it’s attaching a selected comment to an element (a blue box appears on hover), but when I move the element they’re still unlinked/independent. And yes, this works very well outside of artboards, just not in them, which is where they’re needed the most (since prototype viewers comment there).

There is a bug when you drag the comment off the frame and then back on again, the comments don’t stay pinned when cutting an element to past it into another page.