Issue with instance within instance of different projects

Hello I have issue with creating instance of somewhat complex master component. The text lose its sizing properties. on Mac and windows. all font are synced accross. This is beyond my abilities to fix it, I’ve tried everything.

Only when I detach the instance the proper scaling resolves but this goes against the fondamental use of making components.

Here is a video of the issue in action.

Here is the following structure of what’s happening

Anyone with this issue that resolved it?

thank you

Will the situation change if you select a screen instance and use Enter (repeated press) to get to the lowest layers?

And also have you tried using the commands from the post below?

Hey man,

You just clear my head of this issue that was bugging me for about 8 months now. Thank you for the quick action step that fix it. ““Regenerate all instances (slow)” in quick action panel. This is a fix but should be computed by Figma by itself with no user interventions. This is sad.

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