Is there a way to make zoom in on hover effect for images?

I want to make for all images in my design Zoom in effect on hover (while hovering). So far the only way I can see is to make a Frame with Open overlay on top with Dissolve animation. As you can image it’s not in any way looks like Zoom in effect. I can also make for each image a separate artboard and use Smart animate, but then I will have to have like tens of artboards. Is there a simpler way?


Hi @Pavel_Guzenko, it’s very easy to do it.

  1. Create two components: 1st — default state; 2nd — with an enlarged image.
  2. Combine them as variants.
  3. Create a “While hovering” interaction using an “On change” action between variants.
  4. Add an instance of this component to your frame and run the prototype.

If you need a file, let me know.


Yes. I actually figured out myself already. But thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

hey! i would appreciate a more detailed explanation if possible. thank you!

I made an example for you. Duplicate this file to see how it works.

Design file:


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