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Is there a fix for this bug for when prototypes are squashed?

I am doing some Usertesting, most of the other tests when perfectly.
But with this one user the prototype is stretched and squashed.
As shown in the picture below. (The red squares are covers)

You can even see the blue interaction box are offset from their original position.
Is this a known bug? Is there a fix for it?

I’m pretty sure there is no fix for this. I heard about this problem dozens of times and haven’t seen a solution yet. This bug usually occurs on older and unsupported systems. If it happens on your device, others will probably not have this problem. You should definitely report this to Figma support team via the support request form or Maybe they will be able to figure it out if more people report it. Don’t forget to send them your system information: both hardware and software.

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I think clipping the main frame of the screen could be a fix for it.

I have no way of confirming, but I reckon this might work.

Seeing weird scaling issues with a figma prototype on Windows - both chrome and Firefox has the exact same issue: the content inside the Device frame was squished up into the top left fo the frame… Is this a known thing?

I’m having the same problem with Edge88 and Chrome88. Firefox85 displays correctly.

Here’s what I see in Chrome:

As I said above, you need to reach out to Figma support regarding this issue.

I did reach out to support today, Gleb.
I hope I get a response and a fix soon.

Thanks for answering,