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Thank you for your interest in the beta program. With interactive components, you can add interactions between variants and reuse them in your prototypes with no extra work.

As a member of the beta program, you’ll be able to start using interactive components before it becomes available to all Figma users. This is a great chance to start exploring the possibilities for design systems and prototyping, as long as you understand that beta features can come with some performance issues and bugs.

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Note: We plan on adding users to the beta periodically throughout each week and expect the wait time to be around 3 business days.

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Thanks. Incase any arrise, where can we report bugs/improvements?


Yes! We’ve created subcategories in this forum for feedback and bugs


Thank you Josh for pointing me to this post @Josh Really excited for interactive components :heart_eyes: Plus, for the swapping overlay issue to be solved as well :dancer:


Thank you!!!

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Hello! Just one question: got the “Welcome to the Figma interactive components beta!” with all instructions, the file, the event, but not the function in Figma. Is it going to be active after the event on Thursday?

Fantastic feature, have added to a lot of component variants already and all is good. Is there a dedicated space for feedback and / or improvements as I have a query? Thanks

Check out the subcategories at this link:


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Don’t worry, we’re gradually adding people to the beta. As noted above, we’re estimating the wait time to be around 3 business days.

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Hey Patrick! If you’ve been granted access to the beta, the feature should be available for you to use now. Could you try duplicating the playground file to see if the feature seems to be working?

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Hey Liam! Glad to hear you’re liking the beta so far. We’ve created a subcategory for feedback - please post any thoughts there.

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I am having the same problem. Got the email, “Welcome to the Figma interactive components beta!”, duplicated “Playground”, presenting “Playground” displays “This page contains interactive components, but the feature is disabled for this file. Interactive components will not work correctly in this prototype.” Tried both the website and the MacOS application.


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I’ve changed my email address, how can i re-join interactive components beta?

Thanks for interactive components, it’s super cool :star_struck:
I’ve just finished Styleguide Checklist, which is 100% based on interactive components. Is there a chance to publish it to a Figma Community?


You can submit the form to join the Figma Community Beta from your Figma profile page, then once approved you will be able to publish the file.