Improve image export capabilities

Currently, when exporting images for print, I have faced unfortunate results with poor image quality, which has caused inconveniences with printers. In addition, the export capabilities for the web could be optimized in terms of weight-to-quality ratio. I suggest the implementation of an Advanced Export Manager that would allow users to adjust the quality and size of images according to their specific needs in each context.

Desirable features for the Advanced Export Manager:

  • Pixels per Inch (ppi) control for PNG and JPG formats, allowing to select at least 300ppi for print and 72ppi for web. But ideally, the user can set the desired dpi.
  • Option to choose the image size in pixels, providing flexibility in defining the width or height and thus resizing the image.
  • Indicating the weight of the resulting file with each setting, facilitating performance optimization.
  • Output format selection, including RGB and CMYK to suit specific color needs.
  • Additional features to consider:
    • Real-time preview with zoom function to evaluate changes before final export.
    • Ability to select the color profile, such as the FOGRÁ 27 standard, to ensure consistency in color reproduction.

These improvements would significantly increase the efficiency and quality of image export in Figma, benefiting users working in a variety of contexts and platforms.

Thank you for considering this suggestion to improve the user experience in Figma!

Hi @Andres_Sanz, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on exporting. I really appreciate the detailed ideas you’ve provided.

I’ve found a few posts with similar ideas to some of yours that you might find interesting:

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Thanks again for your valuable contribution.

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Hi Junko3,
Thanks for considering my input on exporting. I’ve already shared my thoughts on this topic in relevant chats, urging others to vote for this feature to be implemented.

In addition to enhancing the tool, implementing this feature could also help Figma compete with other programs like InDesign, Illustrator, or even Photoshop.

Looking forward to seeing the community’s response.
Thank you for your time and attention

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If this plugin could help?

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