DPI and PPI options for export

Currently, the settings for export in Figma are limited and in turn, limiting. Mobile banners and ads would export to a crisper, higher quality if given the option of exporting at DPI of 300 and/or 450. Right now, having no options other than 72 dpi for teeny tiny ads that are 300x50 and 320x100, means the quality suffers.


Hi Shoshana,
Thanks for your feedback about DPI options for export, we’ll pass along to our team for consideration!

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We are seeking your support for a crucial idea that will benefit our entire community. We need to implement an advanced export manager in Figma to have better control over image downloads. This will ensure that downloads meet the required quality standards and specifications.

Your vote is essential to make this vital functionality a reality. Join us and vote for this idea in Figma’s feedback forum - together we can significantly improve our user experience and optimize our workflows!

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