How to remove cookie banner from embedded prototypes?

Hey all, wondering how to solve this issue.

We created prototypes to embed in our dev docs site, so there are multiple prototypes on a page and different pages. Every prototype has this cookie banner (highlighted in pink), even when I’ve already accepted it once. How can we remove this? Can it be shown only once?

Thank you!


:grimacing: hey @Denise_Villanueva_T2_Vancouver - is this happening for just you, or is it happening to everyone who previews the file/prototypes?

Also – is this surfacing on the desktop app or Figma on the web (or both)?

Hi there, thanks for responding!

It actually used to happen to me, but now I don’t see it on my end in any of the prototypes. However, all my other colleagues see the cookie banner in every prototype.

The docs site that the prototypes are embedded with is on the web. But the prototypes were created via the Figma app. We are using the embed code.

Hello, was there any updates on this? Thanks!

Hello there, I merely want to chime in to say this cookies banner is super distracting. I am teaching UX/UI and university and my students want to embed their projects on their websites in order to show potential employers. this bar makes their project look… less than professional. is it necessary to have a cookies warning if the end user isn’t actually using the software?

Any updates on this?

The cookie banner is really killing the vibe, when sending the prototype to users.

Hey All, sorry for the lack of update!

Our team has confirmed that this is a bug, but we’re having difficulty reproducing it, which is delaying the fix.

If you’re able to consistently reproduce, can you please share the following?

  • What device was the user using and what was the OS version?
  • What browser were they using? Does the same issue happen in all browsers?
  • Were they logged into Figma at the time or logged out?
  • Does the issue still happen for them now if they close and re-open the prototype?

We’ll then pass this info onto our team with hopes of getting a fix implemented as soon as possible.

Hi there!

I have encountered a very similar problem! I work for a casino and am loading in a carousel of the different promotions using an animated prototype.

However, this prototype gets loaded into the betting terminals, which are screen-only and therefor not interactable.

So I was wondering if there’s a solution to perhaps hide this cookie popup bar since we can’t dismiss / accept or just simply interact with it?

Thanks in advance and looking forward to your reply!

Hi all, I started seeing this cookie prompt in prototypes that I have embedded in web pages. This was not happening last week. I can reproduce the problem in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on the Mac. It does not happen in Safari.

The last Community Support response from dvaliao is asking for more information, but is also marked as Solved. Was this solved and now has regressed or was it never solved?

Similar to Kevin, I’m also experiencing this problem, starting in the past couple of weeks. We have been using embedded prototypes in a documentation website, and the cookies make them look less than ideal, and making a selection doesn’t seem to persist in a single session, so they reappear each time a page is refreshed.

Is this a bug or intended behaviour?

Hi, I’m experiencing the same issue now as of the last week or so (not sure when exactly). It’s less than ideal as I’m using Figma embeds on my portfolio website and the banner shows up every time a new case study is opened.

I’m also having this issue with embeds in Notion.

Hey All, our team still needs your help in order to fix this bug!


Device: MacBook Pro, Apple M1
Browser: Opera/ Safari / Chrome
Login/Log Out. When Logged into Figma within the same browser, the cookies do not appear when a choice has been made to accept etc. When not logged into Figma within the browser, the cookies dialog is persistent even after a choice has been made

Closing and re-opening the proptotype does not impact the behaviour as far as I can tell


Device: Windows Dell Precision 7670
Browser: Chrome (Coworker uses Safari and Macbook Pro 2022)
Account: Logged out / in - same issue

The prototype is on our dev docs site, so there’s technically no ‘closing’ of the prototype as it’s embedded. The banner is consistently there. Our goal is to NOT have that banner even when user is logged out as most of our partners don’t have a Figma account and therefore viewing these on our website.

Thanks both!

We’ll pass these onto our team to work on the fix.

Thanks @dvaliao , there is a round of beers for you and dev team on me if you can get this sorted :wink:


Have the same issue, cookie banner just come and come again.

Macbook Air M2 2023 (15") / Sonoma 14.2.1
Notion App embed
Ikd they was logged in or out
this issue still happen if i close and re-open proto

Hi all,

Thanks for sharing the information! We are checking internally and will get back to you when we have anything that we can share with you.


Same issue here

Macbook Air M1 (14.2.1 (23C71))
Chrome Version 122.0.6261.69