Giving unique access to specific pages

I’m confused by the lack of an official response to this basic request.
Are yall merging with XD or something? Is that why this thread (which has been responded to every few days for the last year) is not being considered a priority? This is a basic workflow request.

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It’s 2023 and this is still a need. :anger:


@Figma_Support how about creating a lock for the whole project, and the capability to share individual pages with specific people? I have to share the 1 page with developers, but I don’t want them poking around all the other designs. This will be really a game changer. Thanks!

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I totally agree. I wonder if Figma people are listening to this thread. It’s so frustrating to have this idea with lots of support and no response from the them.

Was scrolling down this entire thread praying the end result would be a celebrated solution, but no dice :frowning: