Giving unique access to specific pages

+1 I would really like to see this feature


+1 also from my side!

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Yes, yes, yes!

We need this feature. I know that Figma it’s amazing for inside product design, but for outsourcing, we need this extra feature.

Hell yeah!

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As a new user of Figma, coming from a combination of Sketch + Overflow, the ability to have unique pages just being shared out of all the pages on Figma file is a must.

A lot of times you just want to have someone, that is not proficient into a design tool, to just see and evaluate something in a simpler away without the clutter of other pages or Interface elements.

It would be the same ability that Overflow allows to generate a simplified, “clickable” and “navigational” wire flows for example. This would be a great addition to the platform.

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+1 to this. Would be great!

I need this. A lot of clients want access to Figma, maintaining two files is more work and can be messy, and giving them access to the file where I do all my work feels really invasive.

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My current workaround this is to keep your work in a separate page in the file, select all and hide everything you want to keep private. I also name the page with a comma or dot so it looks like a blank page. Obviously this isn’t the best solution because when you do want to work on it, people will be able to see what you’re doing if they’re in the file at the same time, but it still sort of works

Nice but it’s hack, we want (need) a built-in solution here :yum:

Let’s make this happen @figma :weary: I’m still downloading copies of files to ideate in a space without a scrutiny ……!?


Still such an inconvenience right :frowning:

It’s shocking Figma doesn’t already allow for this. Design files have so much in them. Lots of noise.

We need the ability to hand off only a dedicated page for dev. Or only a allow a dedicated page inside a document to be viewable via a link.

Yes, please. That would be an amazing feature. Especially giving customers access to special areas/screens. They don’t need to see all the component variants and work-in-progress screens.

That would be a life-changer.

Can anyone guide in view only option we see padding issues like we see different paddings than edit file i mean like for example an icon in a container but when we select it selects the icon only and shows its padding and its different from the one with edit access

yeah, would be great to have this feature! Also, because we could have limited access to pages that shouldn´t be edited in within the file, but could be reviewed by other team members!

Seems like a lot of us would benefit from this amazing new feature

Do we know if it’s on the roadmap yet?

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Still a problem for us. PM, PO and Dev are struggling to find certain screens/frames within our Pages. Our pages tend have 30-50 frames, and we often need to share a select number of those frames (not always in order on the Page) to other team members. At the moment we’re having to share individual links to individual frames to ensure the team are looking at the right frames.

It’s honestly weird for me that a tool like figma, which is based around the concept of sharing and easing team work flows would not include such a basic feature. Its less a feature at this point and more a neccessity. I hate it when clients can just hop in any time to see the progress we’ve made and some of them are salty about the progress for they do not understand that some things take longer than others. Ugh. its super frustrating. I hope it’s something an add on can fix. If it is something that can be fixed with a plugin, I’ll make it and update everyone here


Unique links to pages would be a real game changer!

Hope this gets implemented soon, as our current solution is to create a new Figma document just for client review.

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I’m also looking for a way to allow a client to view and comment on artwork in Figma, without being able to see any other pages or content.

I was thinking of creating a simple prototype page within the file - containing either individual frames (so, separate flows which would be selectable via the proto’s left-hand UI panel) or grouping multiple artwork frames within one container to see everything at once.

I figured the ‘original’ artwork could be turned into a component; an instance of which would be placed within the proto page. If you wanted to keep the design synced, leave it as an instance; otherwise, detach it. A protoype link with the “can view prototypes only” setting would be generated and shared as required. This process could be repeated for each design iteration using new pages (and, subsequently, new proto links).

Is this wrong? What am I missing? :pleading_face:
(I love Figma - but even after 2 years of using it daily, I realise how little I actually understand it!! :rofl:)