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Figjam connectors in Figma

When creating hand-off documents I like to showcase user flows by using arrows between different UI elements. I have to use plugins to create these arrows at the moment. When playing with Figjam I notice it had a connector option - this is great. I would love it if we could also have this connector option inside Figma as it would be a HUGE timesaver for hand-off.

I would like to think this would be a super easy update given that we can already edit connectors inside Figma. We just need a connector button in the toolbar like so:


+1 This is definitely something that could add a ton of value to the core Figma functionality! It needs to be accessible in normal project/design files and not just in Figjam.

While connectors aren’t officially supported in Figma they can be copy and pasted in from FigJam

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I know. What I’m saying is it would make so much sense and be a huge time saver if we had them in Figma Design too!

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I completely agree. They should be some sort of smart shape like stars, polygons, and arcs.

To be very honest, I don’t understand why FigJam is a separate product, it should be the same file to work on but with a simpler toolset. Design/Prototype/Inspect/Whiteboard. Clearly a lot of hard work and intelligence was brought forth to create FigJam but it seems to me that there is a lot of overlap with Figma.

lmao, just copy this connector arrow from figjam to figma. it works there as well

I know, this is why its annoying and why I created this request. Nearly all the logic to manipulate the connector is already built into Figma Design so just let me just place a connector there instead so I don’t have to copy one from Figjam.

Eventually when Figjam becomes its own paid for product people won’t have connectors freely available to them.

It will speed things up so much if I could just place them inside Figma and have connectors be fully editable (place text in them etc).

I tried to copy some shapes and connectors with text to Figma and find that they’ve added node types for these two: CONNECTOR and SHAPE_WITH_TEXT, these types are not in plugin documentation yet.
I think Figma will add support for connectors and shape_with_text to Figma officially in the next updates.
I was trying to add RTL Support to the connector label for RTL PLZ Plugin, but its node properties are incomplete and I hope they provide characters property or something like that to allow updating connectors label with the plugin.