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FigJam should also be an overlay over regular Figma pages (similar to commenting)

For 2 years I’ve been working with a team, and we created a bunch of documenting tools, like the sticky notes, some highlights blocks with arrows, etc as a components. And we used them to document the designs (Dev notes, behaviour notes, etc) in regular files.
Product managers also tend to draw flow lines to connect mockups so that developers easily understand what’s going on.

FigJam is basically making the same, but it’s not that usable in our case, because you need to put a lot of effort to move designs from Figma file to Jam, and it’s a hustle to make changes and mockups sync across. And even then, you need to somehow link back to Figma file so that developers can use inspector.

Thus, my suggestion: add FigJam as a layer above regular pages same as commenting.


  • You can draw notes and changes while on group calls, instead of messing with designs (argghh)
  • You can document designs inside the file without the need to push designs around different files
  • Everything is in one place



Holy all-in-one workspace :black_heart:


Hi Konst,
I feel exactly the same. We also designed a lot of tools to support and explain our design choices. I have now the feeling I will need to deal with 2 aspects in a séparate way : Workshop for outsider of the team (Figjma) and our core team work (figma)
Thanks for making it so clear with your post.

Totally agree! I’d love it if Figjam was more of a page type in a regular Figma file than its own file. It actually makes collaboration harder because now we’re forced to have multiple files per project, whereas before each Figma file can serve as a hub for the entire project as it progresses through phases. It’s especially hard for non-designers that tend to interact with Figma files through external links, not our Figma file structure.

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I really like the idea as well. It kinda reminds me of the grease pencil in blender (Grease Pencil —, with that you can sketch or draw on top of your current object (work). Simliar it would really cool to be able to lay a Figjam board just on top of an existing Figma file. Possibly also with the option to change the opacity of this Figjam-layer.

I’m really really hoping Jam will get more integrated into the full fat Figma. After using jam for a bit, the lack of chatting/sticky notes is so daunting :frowning:

I’d love to use FigJam directly within a Figma file on the “commenting” layer, or a new “feedback” layer perhaps, where we can mark up designs right in the file. I can do this now by drawing lines with the pencil tool and comments, but those annotations show up in prototype mode. So the idea here would be to have a way to markup a file by comment, drawing, and all of the other nice FigJam features, but without those annotations showing up in the prototype. Likewise, the annotations, comments, etc. could be turned off in the design file by disabling the “commenting” mode (or a new “feedback” mode).

This sort of this presently possible by copy and pasting in design frames into FigJam, but having to copy and paste them separates the marked up feedback/comments from the actual design—and future changes are totally abstracted from feedback.

This seems like a no-brainer value-add feature for Figma and it would dramatically improve our review rounds on our team by unifying feedback and giving us a way to visually draw things out.


It seems like Figma and Figjam are very separate at this current time when really, it could be the same product and work in the same file.

I’d love to see a “Figjam” panel in Figma like the Inspect or Prototype panel. or at a minimum be able to add Figjam pages INSIDE the Figma environment instead of making it a separate file.


Same! There’s also no way right now to create “+ New” FigJam file from the projects page. I’d have to duplicate an existing Figjam and then move it over to my projects.

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Hi Guys,
workflow wise it’s also one of my concerned.
Its will be quite usefull to be able to “switch a figma files to a figjma mode”
Pros :

  • One Url/file for the all project

  • Simpler version (without designers panels) for workshop sessions

I really hope thats the futur of figjam to actually save this “im between tools” issue brought by Mural and Miro :slight_smile:

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