Devices not displaying properly in prototype

I have 2 laptop views, 1 mobile and 1 tablet view. Yet, when I click on the prototype tab, the mobile and tablet views show up inside of a laptop, not a corresponding device.
Why would that be?

If you could explain your situation by a screenshot, it would be better.

But from what I understood, you should choose the type of device you want to be shown in the prototype

How to do:

Deselect any selected layer
go to prototype tab ( if there was button saying : show prototype setting, hit it )

then choose device

I uploaded the screen shot for you.

Here is the Figma file as well as the ipad and phone prototypes which, you can see are appearing in the original laptop device, not an ipad or phone.
Can’t figure out why this is happening.

Only one device can be selected per file page. Therefore, if you want to use other devices, you need to create other pages of the file, move your frames to them, and set the desired devices in the prototype panel.

Thanks! I was hoping a stakeholder could click through all 3 views on one prototype (desktop, tablet and mobile). Maybe I should put that in as a request. :slight_smile: