Dev Mode and Editing my designs

I see to enable someone for Dev mode I need to give them “Full Design Access”, how does that stop devs from changing the design files? shouldn’t the designs be locked & they only have access to the code & assets.

Mistakes happen, and I want to circumvent something accidentally deleted or changed.

How do I prevent this from happening? Or am I missing the proper way to add DEV MODE for my team?

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Hello @Tyran_Van_Zyl, Thank you for reaching out! I completely understand your concerns.

Access to Dev Mode is dependent on your team or organization plan, and for Professional plan, all users with a Full design seat will have access to Dev Mode. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to grant a developer full access to Dev Mode without a Full Design seat (an edit role), currently.

If you are on the Professional plan and want to restrict editing access for developers, you can consider setting “can view” permission for your team’s projects to prevent unwanted edits, and invite designers with “can edit” permission to allow them to edit designs and access Dev Mode.

Also, please keep in mind that developers with “can view” permissions are still able to:

  • Inspect property values and frame details
  • Export assets
  • Copy CSS, iOS, and Android codegen as code from the copy/paste menu by right-clicking a layer

You can check the details here:

For Organization or Enterprise plan, you can downgrade users who only need access to Dev Mode from Full Design seat to viewer-restricted and upgrade their Dev Mode seat to Full.

I also came across some feature requests related to Dev Mode seats that you may find interesting:

Feel free to check them out!

I hope this provides some insight.
Also, if other community members experienced same situation and has insight or workaround, we’d love to hear, please feel free to jump in!