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There is a problem since the dev mode is out of free mode for permitting developers on Figma. When I give the dev mode permission to them they can also edit the project; I don’t want this. Developers can easily mess up design. On the other hand, we have all kinds of access on the Figma team management page like team permission, design seat and FigJam seat.
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If Figma adds a new permission like dev mode seat it’s a better way to manage developers instead of giving each of them both edit access and dev mode access.

Also, in the project sharing popup, “can access to dev mode” needs to be added.
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Yes, the developers can easily mess up the design.


Absolutely 100% this! My 3rd party devs don’t need editing permissions for my designs.


+1, our developers do not need or want edit access. Please fix Figma!!


+1000000000 - dev view is for developers, why do they need edit access?


+1 We need to give devs just access for dev mode not full editing!!


+1000 Separate permissions for dev mode vs design editor modes! Why break something that’s been working well so far!


The current setup lacks coherence. While a developer seat ostensibly grants viewer-restricted access, implying the ability to view and inspect design elements, granting only view permissions in Figma prevents code inspection. It would be more intuitive to have a permission selector offering options like View, Edit, and Inspect, simplifying the process of enabling Developer seats.

I’ve highlighted this issue. If a user on the team already has full access, it would make more sense to grant them access to dev mode without requiring edit permissions. let’s hope Figma replies


These permissions are now part of their Org and Enterprise plans to incentivize upgrading. Everyone below these plans has to give full edit access to enable the Dev mode. At least this is what I heard from their sales team.

Here’s the breakdown as well:


However, there seems to be a contradiction in the fundamental aspect of seat purchases. If a user is granted a full seat, such as for a design file, they should theoretically be able to view the code even in view mode. It’s perplexing that this functionality isn’t available even with a full design seat; I’m unsure if this is a bug or an issue with the module’s connection between local (design file) permissions and team member permissions.


So, I have to almost quadruple how mush I pay for each designer seat now to have the ‘privilege’ to pay TWICE as much for just Dev Mode access? Can you make a money grab more blatantly obvious? Especially because smaller shops are MORE likely to use outside developers and would be the ones who need to separate designer from dev the MOST.


My wish-list for Dev mode members in Figma:

  • Should be as simple as inviting anyone else with the Share-button; with e-mail and have the option to choose “Dev view”.
  • Dev mode should not be the same as Editor.
  • It should be visually clear what rights the members in the list have.

From a freelance designer perspective, I echo all the comments here. There is no need for most developers who work with a designer to have full edit access. If a developer has a Professional plan, why can’t we simply grant them ‘view only’ dev mode access? How it currently works is I have to grant edit access and have to pay another $15 a month for each access – even if they already have a professional plan. If I am working on multiple projects this implies each time I share ‘edit’ access with a developer it will translate into a paid member seat in my team. It’s just crazy. I can’t afford that cost when working for mostly not-for-profit low paying clients.

Add dev ‘view’ only please for access to the Dev mode features for those with their own account.

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I agree with all the comments left above. DevMod has transitioned from beta testing to an unacceptably raw state.

  • There’s no way to restrict developers from editing the layout
  • When a developer’s request to DevMod is approved, they gain full editing access, and their spot is paid for as a full-fledged team member, yet their role in the Design seat column of the team member list does not change
  • The interface for managing the list of developers who have gained access to DevMod is simply nonexistent!
    This is unacceptable. :exploding_head:

This is a workaround to restrict edit access while still giving access to Dev-Mode: