Add Developer seats to Professional Plan // uncouple edit rights from Dev-Mode

Hey all!

tl;dr: Professional Plan does not offer Dev-only seats. Currently, Devs automatically have Design edit rights when they got upgraded for Dev-Mode. This clearly needs some rework! Please remove automatic edit rights from Dev-Mode seats.

Currently we are running on a Professional plan with a small team (2 designers 2 devs).
Today, as the team owner I upgraded our Devs so they can continue using Dev-Mode.
However the upgrade just allows me to set their “Design seat” roles to “Full”.
Since they do not need (and want) edit rights and just want to use Dev-Mode I tried setting them to “Viewer-restricted”.

I assumed this would remove their edit rights and keep the access for Dev-Mode since we have enough seats in our plan. Unfortunately, this does not work. It completely removes access for Dev-Mode.

Figma, please look into this and improve the team management experience and separate the edit rights from viewer-based rights such as viewing files and using Dev-Mode.

The easiest solution would be to simply add Developer seats like in higher tier plans.
Alternatively add a new third role that combines “Viewer-restricted” with enabled Dev-Mode. Design/Edit rights should be opt-in for Developers and manageable since they do not need or want them anyway.


Agree, very annoying and uneccerseraly expensive for small teams who dont need large subscription plans.



Posting my experience to share more cases about the same issue:

I’m the one designer on a 5 person team, rest of the team is developers.

We’ve all agreed having edit-rights makes no sense as it is easy for developers to edit things by mistake, but Dev Mode is tied to “Full file access” which means the development team has to get edit rights in Design mode to use Dev Mode… Which hardly makes sense.

This has created an additional design task: I tend to check our relevant files’ history logs for changes every morning and afternoon to make sure things are still where they are supposed to be.

To be honest, It’s taking so much time and peace of mind away that I’m considering just turning the seats back to “View only” and leave annotations as comments, as I was doing before.


+1 our developers do not need or want full edit access. Figma please solve this!!


Figma - CAN YOU PLEASE give the ability to disable Edit access for Developers using Dev Mode on the Professional Pricing Tier - This is causing major problems with erroneous changes to design files. My team is seriously looking at alternatives like PenPot.


+1 on this! please add dev mode seats to professional plan. I am currently struggling with this since i work as a freelance and i work with various developer right now. I can’t give my own Figma acc just for them to use the dev mode feature!!!

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    How can Figma approve this new feature without thinking about consequences, lmao

+1! Please add only dev seats to the professional plan. Full access for dev mode creates too much chaos and unnecessary stress on designers and devs.


Really stupid idea to have dev mode on a design seat with full access and like the rest of the comments here an unnecessary additional price to an already expensive subscription. I work in a small team and there’s no way any of the developers need this kind of access to the design.


We are having the same problem here, for now we gave editors seat for developers, but this is not scalable for small companies. I thing a dev-seat should be created, not as expensive as editor seat, of course.


How long will we need to wait for this to be fixed? The funny thing it says an extra $12/seat for dev-mode but then charges $15 as a regular designer seat

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15$ apply if you add the seat on a monthly basis instead of annual.

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+1 costs are one thing, but giving developers edition rights make me a little concerned. The chances of making changes by mistake are quite high.


+1 This needs to be fixed!


Agreed - costs is a different conversation. At least in my case, I’m not here to judge Figma on their pricing ideas but on their UX decisions – and yeah, needing to give the whole dev team design rights to access development features is bad UX if you ask me…


Hey! There is a solution to this

For Devs, you need to Set Can view in the team permission column
and Design seats - Full

then the developer can’t edit the design file. they have only view and dev mode access

Interesting… Still, I think it is more a workaround instead of a solution since it works on team basis and not just file based. You won’t be able to assign people as an Admin with view-only rights or still let them be able to create, move and rename projects, files etc.
Not sure if password protected files can still be accessed (without a password).

(In my case a coworker is a Developer as well as an Admin who needs to be able to manage the Figma Team when I am not around)


I find the pricing confusing already and this just adds more complexity! Us freelance designers just want to share the file - uneditable and view only – but with Dev Mode access, why is this so difficult? Is anyone at Figma going to answer this soon?

So on a Professional Plan, I give them ‘member’ status attracting the ¢15 a month fee, but then set them to ‘can view’ and they can still access all of DEV mode?

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The pricing is one thing, but WHY we can’t define the dev mode in dev mode only, even at 15$/month?

We are 3 designers for 30 developers, granting full design edit to 30 non-designers project-wide, including mockup and company main design and components system is just crazy and unresponsible. This will be chaotic at best.

And for the pricing… well I’m a freelance designer, and paying for other 1-5 freelance designers for each one of my clients teams is already harsh, but if I have to pay for 10-30 developers on top of that, at full price… well… (No, my client can’t pay themselves, they are public administrations that know nothing of Figma, working with contractors and can’t pay with credit cards, and can’t pay without proper invoices.

I’m stuck and don’t know what to do.