🖍️ Detach the color picker to make it persistent in the interface

Hey team :wave:

I’m taking few minutes to expose a long term struggle I have with Figma.
And I believe the friction increased when I discovered how a color style picker behave differently from the color picker.

i.e original tweet with the video

We can clearly see that the “Color style” picker, once detached from the right menu, is persistent on the UI. We can select other layers and adjust their token without having to reopen that menu. It stays right here.

I wish so much we could have the same behavior on the regular color picker to avoid that unnecessary friction. It’s very frustrating on a daily usage, but I guess we deal with it :man_shrugging:

I hope it gets the attention it deserves,
Thank you team

Cheers :heart:


Hey Antoine. I had the same suggestion a couple years ago but still waiting for it to happen. Check out the thread here: Persistent color picker (when unpinned from right panel)

Hope it happens some day :crossed_fingers:

Oh so sorry, I didn’t catch your post during my research. I guess I adjusted the title one last time in the end. But yes this is exactly the same idea :pray:

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I’m having this exact problem right now trying to get the RGB values for my component library colour values is exhausting…

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