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Persistent color picker (when unpinned from right panel)

There have been many times where I’m trying to compare the color values between two or more objects. However, every time I select another object the color panel disappears so I have to click on the swatch again and try to remember the values from the previous object. Sometimes I’ll just take a screenshot of the color picker values and paste them back into Figma but that’s not fun at all.

One possible solution would be to make the color picker remain visible if the user ‘unpins’ it (ie. drags it away from the right panel). Then they could select the next object to see the color values and then close the picker when they’re done.


I guess you could do ⌃C (color picker) and hover through each element you want to compare, I find this to be the fastest way.

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Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t notice the color values in the magnification view when using the ⌃C (color picker) and I use that all the time. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll definitely be using that for comparing values.

I still think the persistent picker is still valuable so you can select an object, adjust the color, then select the next object and adjust, etc.

Yep, I think that still would be valuable. Not just for comparing colors, but for picking colors for multiple objects, for example. When you are in search of that perfect color combination, you would switch a lot between objects and opening the color menu every time isn’t nice.


Please, please build this soon. Developing color palettes is very tedious when I have to open three menus to adjust a style. Every time I check color contrast, the menu goes away and I have to start all over. Or, at least add a keyboard shortcut to open the color menu? It is fiddly to have to click, hover, and click again on these small targets. Screen Recording 2021-03-15...