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Desktop app blank white screen/crash

I’m also having this same issue on Windows app + in the browser.


I’m having the same problem with the Figma App and Windows. It happens after half a minute or so. It was fine before the update. Is there a way to install an older version?

what’s up figma? i hv the same issue as everybody here. whats your take?

I have the same problem @Figma. What’s wrong with your update?

I have the same problem @Figma When I update 2 days ago.
First this 3 times (screenshot 1) than 4th time this (screenshot 2), in the range of 15 minutes!

@Nemanja1 Hi! Could you solve this problem, cause I have the same one?

Actually, I got the opposite - A blank screen (As if the whole OS crashed) when I switch to the Figma Google Chrome tab on my MBP 16" that stays like 3+ seconds before Figma UI “turn back on”. It is reproducible every time. Only happen to start today.

MBP 16" 2019 running 10.15.7 Chrome 91.0.4472

@Robert_Skrobe - I can’t speak to any of the other behaviors described in this thread, but I was struggling with Figma (almost) always presenting a blank black screen on my macbook pro. After playing with it for a while I discovered that it has to do with my use of Spaces. It only seems to break on Desktops 2+, but always displays fine on Desktop 1.

FYI @Figma

It was possible to solve the problem with the white screen in Figma by expanding the memory capacity of the swap files. I use Windows, I don’t know if there is anything like this on a Mac.

I have the same problem after update . Is there a solution ? any release planned with a fix for this ?

My file has been lagging and I will end up getting stuck on a blank screen. I tried closing and opening my file, restarting my computer, and deleted a huge chunk of components (thanks to my other Mac laptop that I am able to work on my file) but this problem still persists. I am mainly using my Windows computer to do my work and apparently it is having problems while my Mac device is working fine (with the occasional laggy experience).

Is anyone also experiencing this? How can I solve this problem as I urgently need to get it fixed.

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I’m getting the white desktop app screen as well with the following setup. Web version works just fine. Only presents itself when using the desktop app version.

Figma Desktop App macOS 99.0
macOS Big Sur 11.4
MacBook Pro 15-inch 2019
32GB Ram
Radeon Pro 560X 4GB (built-in)

From the info shared on the thread it sounds like a memory issue. Regardless there should be a fix at this point. Looks like it has been an issue for many for some time. Not just this last version update.

Any new info or fix?


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Any update on this @Figma ? Same issue on Windows still exists on i7 (9gen), 32Gb memory with latest Windows Update installed. Even raised the swap file size from 4gb to 8. Nothing helped.

Please note that this bug is a show-stopper!

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Actually, if you will wait few munutes, figma will load and the white screen dissapears) For me it worked

I don’t know but maybe this may help smb that can’t upgrade RAM (like me).
According this ( then “Hidden layers are a big contributor to memory usage.”
So you should try to delete hidden layers that you don’t need.
For me, this worked. After delete about twenty hidden layers, my white screen problem went away.

figma is a very bad software to use for professional gigs especially when you’re working on a heavy project, I’ve lost tons of design saves as a result of its unstable software…random white/black screens, windows trackpad scrolls so fast (horrible experience) and others i can’t remember for now and they hardly listen or provide solutions to our complaints. Hopefully another better brand will come out someday, i’ll leave figma for good.

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Man I just got this. Legit has been working the whole time, I’m just trying to do an assignment for uni and right after I try and prototype, it just crashed and then gives me that WebGL stuff. I’m not code savvy, I don’t even know where to start! Just trying to do graphic design :frowning: I think I’ll have to call it here and just resort to Adobe XD or Sketch…



Same problem hear… in some files it crashes - white screen… the heaven Figma was, became the hell - Guy fix this ASAP, or you will lose your reputation and community (the problem is already OLD and look like you dont even mind…)

Same issue, both on Chrome and the windows app… what an embarrassment
works for me on Firefox though